White, grey and indigo

Making the video Artistic ideas always have inspiration from somewhere, but sometimes the inspiration is more simple and direct than others. In this case, it was a visit to an exhibition put together by a friend, Indigo Claire. I arrived thinking I was too late for the opening, but I’d misread and I was a […]



47 years ago, I was making lunar landscapes from polyfilla and coal dust. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was still a few years away, as was my musical taste. But I was living through the space race, and the moon landings were better to think about than the other uses of rockets during […]


Exhibition News

I have a couple of new exhibitions. I don’t do exhibitions very often. I’ve never been an ‘art’ photographer and I’m too in love with colour to shoot black and white. I’ve photographed the naked body in rl, but it doesn’t really interest me in sl. In machinima I can work with these things to […]

The Missing Mile poster

Movie Poster Challenge

Strawberry Singh has revived her Machinima and Movie Poster Challenge for this month. First run in 2013, you can see details and comments about folk’s lists on Strawberry’s blog. The only thing I would add to her post is that there are also a good number of machinima up on Vimeo too – reader’s of […]

Biomechanical returns

‘Biomechanical’ is a fascinating bot performance produced in Second Life. The installation was built by Jo Ellsmere, and returns to the Split Screen Installation Space in Second Life during January 2016 for about six weeks. The installation was inspired by the actor training methods developed by Russian theater director Vsevolod Meyerhold (1874-1940). More information on […]

Roots and Scenes

I’ve visited a couple of new places this last weekend. One was a new build on a familiar theme, Cica Ghost’s Roots and the other the fourth installation of a series, Escenas-Scenes – IV The Death by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar. I blogged about Escenas – Scenes – III about a month ago. Escenas […]

Kite, Mary Marvel and Tizzy Canucci


Kite: the name of my latest video! It’s been a busy week with report writing, being away, and high winds and heavy rain in real life. But I’ve managed to get a bit of time in Second Life at the weekends to look at some new places. The one thing that got left behind in […]


Furillen: “An island off the northeast coast of Sweden. Once a limestone factory, now a hotel. Remote, bleak, beautiful”. So it says in the information ‘about land’. And so it is. Furillen is based on a real place. If you want to find out more, these are links to an article and a wikipedia page. […]