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Triangles Are Not My Genre

Opening at Queensland College of Art is an exhibition that has been a year in the planning by Alison James. My own contribution is My Music of the Spheres, a piece of video art from four years ago, accompanied by two pieces of printmaking from last winter. The names of the work hold to the idea of the exhibition in terms of geometry, but also in terms of the way art can span across to craft, to film, to music, to writing. Art as inclusive human expression, not genres to make saleable commodities.

Triangles Are Not My Genre_Invite
Triangles Are Not My Genre_Invite

I regard my art as ‘not serious’, particularly in the sense that I avoid realism and narrative. I’m not telling someone what to see, or trying to be as close to how ‘things really are’ as possible. In any case that is more opinion and authority than truth. Rather I offer something to look at and think about, and appreciate for appearances. There are connections with deeper meanings, if you want to see them, and they sometimes are serious. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t. Just enjoy it for what it is.

The video art below is for those who can’t make it to Queensland (which is even more challenging than usual for me). The printmaking you can also see below, but screen versions are mere pixels of light pretending to be ink on paper.

Rippled by Life 11/25
Junction City Fields 15/25

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