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Tizzy Canucci
Tizzy Canucci

As I child, I became an expert at sellotaping cardboard boxes together. Later I took to photography. I avoided writing, and doing sciences was a strategy for doing this. Music became one of the biggest things in my life.

Later in life, I discovered language was good and people were really quite interesting. So I did a degree in sociology and the arts.

Around the same time, 2009, I began exploring Second Life, as Tizzy Canucci. I started photographing more intently in 2012, blogging in 2013, and I started making moving image work (machinima, or video art) in 2015.

Then, in October 2016, I started work on a practice based PhD in Contemporary Art at Lancaster University. You can see all the presentations I have been making about virtual worlds and art on my personal website.

I produce work out of (rather than within) Second Life. Virtual worlds are different from games, as individuals build the space from parts of the actual (or real) world, rather than being a planned product of a games studio.

‘Machinima’ are the name given to screen captures of a game, but it’s now too commercially driven. I am interested in expanding the possibilities of the medium as an artform.

If you want to contact me,  send a direct message through twitter, or email moc.o1558291346ohay@1558291346iccun1558291346ac.yz1558291346zit1558291346. To see what I do in real life, visit www.tessbaxter.com, or see my academic profile.