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Tizzy Canucci
Tizzy Canucci

As I child, I became an expert at sellotaping cardboard boxes together. Later I took to photography. I avoided writing, and followed the sciences as a strategy. Music became one of the biggest things in my life. Later in life, I discovered language wasn’t so bad and people were really very interesting. So I went off and got qualifications in sociology and the arts.

As Tizzy Canucci I’ve been exploring Second Life since 2009, photographing since 2012, blogging since 2013, and I started making machinima in 2015. Machinima and writing are now the most important things I do.

The art, performance, building, creativity and sociability within this virtual world are the basis of this blog and my other work. It reflects my curiosity and wonder at the creativity of the people who built everything out of their imaginations. What we create is a part of us, a reflection of ourselves and our experiences. It is no mere accident.

I produce machinima out of (rather than within) Second Life. I am interested in expanding the possibilities of the medium by exploring a significant technical problem or a social issue in each work. Technically, machinima are video recordings of a game. But virtual worlds are made of elements from the actual (or real) world and I want to use what is imported and what is exported to comment on actual world issues. While machinima are a visual medium, audio is just as important.

In October 2016 I started a practice based PhD in Contemporary Art at Lancaster University looking at how far the possibilities of machinima can be expanded, and how people live creatively in virtual worlds.

If you want to contact me, send a direct message through twitter, or email moc.o1537687921ohay@1537687921iccun1537687921ac.yz1537687921zit1537687921. To see what I do in real life, visit www.tessbaxter.com.