Arkheim Asylum - Tizzy Canucci

Are the limits on machinima relevant today?

Linden Lab has long granted licenses to Second Life residents for the taking of snapshots and machinima, reflecting how Second Life was established as a user created space that encouraged creativity and content reuse. In many other games, where they were created by teams of developers, the making of machinima was contested as a breach […]

Serie Noir at Nitroglobus in Second Life, photo by Tizzy Canucci

Série Noire at Nitroglobus

Série Noire is the latest exhibition at Nitroglobus, and features the art of Tutsy NAvArAthnA, an artist who works more often with the moving image than the still. Nitroglobus is an expansive gallery setting, and as always, the pictures have an imposing presence and sense of scale as you walk through it. Tutsy’s artwork is […]