The art of the minimal

Centred on the artist as avatar, she builds, breaks down, gestures, cries, dissolves. Colour passes over her monochromatic existence. At all times somebody and nobody. An exercise in the minimal.

I don’t want to produce perfect art. I want to explore. Predictable, maybe sometimes, because retrying always has some predictability. But not one style. Routine is poisonous. I create out of moments of experience, unplanned, unexpected, when I am startled and my senses breathe deep. Entranced, I am involved and engaged, and pursue ideas as they develop to the end. I never know what will do this for me. There is no plan. I want to be where the edges are breaking down. Near to where something becomes nothing. As I am now, and as I will become one day. It is being in the world.

Filmed at a performance by SaveMe Oh in Second Life, 7 January 2022.

Music by Unheard Music Concepts: ‘Minimal Brain Activity’. Creative Commons.

The art of the minimal

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