Process and Property

This term I have been teaching for the first time, and there were two things that I wanted to get across. One is the immense power of the behemoths of the internet (including Google and its right arm, YouTube), and the historically contested nature of the internet. It was never quite the place of harmony […]

Arkheim Asylum - Tizzy Canucci

Are the limits on machinima relevant today?

Linden Lab has long granted licenses to Second Life residents for the taking of snapshots and machinima, reflecting how Second Life was established as a user created space that encouraged creativity and content reuse. In many other games, where they were created by teams of developers, the making of machinima was contested as a breach […]

Farewell old tech

Does anyone else get a tinge of sadness when old tech goes? Today I ordered a set of components to replace the core of the computer – motherboard, cpu and memory. I can’t see them inside the box, but those old parts made things and built my achievements. They made me money in my business […]