'Morpheus I' photo taken in Second Life by Tizzy Canucci

Mortality, the Dead and Not-dead of Virtual Worlds

I’m looking at ‘Sacrifice’ by Osferatus Haven, at Morpheus. It’s a set piece diorama; flickering flames, but otherwise it’s a static installation. A couple of blood-lusty creatures face each other while desperate hands reach up from the ground and corpses lie round and about. By coincidence, I’d come across a journal article1 a little earlier […]

Baja Norte in Second Life, Photo by Tizzy Canucci

The Representation of Landscape: Skye to Baja Norte

The representation of landscape: it’s not copying, nor is it literal, it’s an interpretation. And Second Life, just like most forms of large scale modelmaking demands a pretty ruthless compression, requiring representation rather than copying. What matters is that it captures the feel, rather than being a faithful reproduction. So this time, I’m looking at […]