Nagare in Second Life, photo by Tizzy Canucci

Falling Snow, Rising Lanterns: Nagare

‘Docked’ by Tizzy Canucci, on Flickr

It’s not often I browse the ‘destinations’ of Second Life. I’m not sure how or why the places find their way into this honoured tab, but I always have a long list of places in my inventory to explore. This, however, was a little gem. It’s not a big area once you teleport in, but the arrangement round the small harbour is attractive, and the falling snow really gives it atmosphere.

I was saying in a post a few days ago that I thought snowscapes were better this year… in this case the falling snow was extremely effective. Snow is often very stylised, with flakes in the foreground showing six conspicuous points. Don’t get me wrong; this is good in a representative way, and I love the way creators in Second Life have different artistic interpretations of objects. However, here the snow was points of white, a chill bleaching of the scene, clouding it with dots. This was a more literal interpretation of snowfall, and in this situation it worked particularly well.

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