Still from Repeat Hikari

The art of looping and repeating

In Amelie Marcoud’s installation Hikari* stacked televisions displayed repeated images in endless loops. My latest machinima, Repeat Hikari, took the looping repetition and hesitations of the installation, and reworked them with the hesitations and jumps of video editing. Apart from being a deliberate choice, short loops reflect to the technical limitations of Second Life. Looping […]

Delicatessen - 'words on the page hang like a dark veil' (Bellos)

Showing or Telling?

At the current installation on the Delicatessen art sim, Meilo Minotaur asks visitors to Tell Me a Story. All the characters on the island have corresponding avatars one can pick up by the entry point. They do not have names. The scenes are separate. So how are they linked? This is the starting point. In my […]

The Safe Shipment of Small Cargo poster

New Art in Old Containers

It was such a busy autumn, and so many things slipped by. I got to the opening of Non-Perishable, an exhibition of artworks in containers by Marina Münter, at Berg at Nordan Art in Second Life, and made a mental note to go back to look inside all the containers. With fewer avatars, it should […]