Summer Conferences 2018

Blurring divisions

One of the things I like to do is blurring the lines between what is called ‘digital’ and what went before. ‘The digital’ is no longer new, nor is it some special space separated off from ‘real life’. Everything we do now has digital or digitised content. While new technologies enable different ways of doing things, the human acts of making are continuous with the past. The real revolution was recording (paper, wax, emulsion, magnetic tape or memory card), to hold the present into the future.

I often mix the new and the old. This often means the digital with digitised material, which was originally recorded on a variety of substrates. But I also like to see what I put online in offline environments. I’m much more interested in this than having exhibitions within Second Life. Innominate was shown in a big setting last month – LED screens in downtown Denver as part of the Supernova Outdoor Animation Festival. However, recently I’ve also had a couple of works shown in smaller settings as part of conferences. So here’s a short video of Future City in a bus and Repeat Hikari on a big flat screen in a foyer. It was a strange experience to glance to one side and see my avatar life size standing next to me!


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