Supernova… Revisited!

Good news… my submission to Supernova Digital Animation Festival has been accepted! Very pleased, for several reasons this year. The video is Repeat Hikari, which also was shown as a part of an academic conference last year.

I have previously written a blog post about Repeat Hikari, The Art of Looping and Repeating, and I don’t want to repeat myself in this post. Just to say it was a great location that really linked to ideas and thoughts of my own. It’s the kind of work I like, with ideas, visuals and words bouncing off each other and adding together. It also confirms how I see the future of ‘machinima’ as video art.

The one thing I will do though is give credit. The installation was by Amelie Marcoud, and it was located at the G.B.T.H. project and curated by Marina Munter and Megan Prumier.

So, here is Repeat Hikari, this year’s selection, along with ones from previous years.

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