Sunset on the Rockies

It was my 60th birthday as the plane approached Denver. Seeing the sun setting on the skyline of the Rockies is something I will always remember. But that wasn’t the only special thing. I was here for the Supernova Digital Animation Festival a couple of days later. And after the trials of this year, that was particularly meaningful.

Supernova was a wonderful event, with innovative art produced by lots of interesting people. A great atmosphere. So here are some photos, links and credits.

Repeat Hikari was my work, selected for the competition section. My images worked with the installation artwork of Amelie Marcoud. This was set up at The G.B.T.H. Project by Marina Munter and Megan Prumier, in Second Life. I wrote more about it in a previous blog post, The art of looping and repeating.

In what has turned out to be an extraordinary year, my next stop is Urania Berlin. This is for the Foresight Filmfestival, this coming weekend. The work selected for showing is Future City, which combines archive film and virtual world material. This reenvisages the future and is a form of mixed realism. I talked about the video and these ideas in a previous blog post.

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