Glitch and Overlay: Em Hotep

Em hotep from Tizzy Canucci on Vimeo.

An exercise in glitch and overlay. For me, Second Life has two main creative positions, both of which are equally valid. The first models the real world, representing it in realistic, or stylised, ways. The second goes out to achieve things that are not possible with the material constraints of spaces and objects in the real world.

This video dives into the second and tries to do something more than just stay still and record what is happening. Entirely filmed using flycam and a 3d mouse. Edited in Lightworks, timing in glitch and overlay to push the visuals.

Filmed at LEA20 in Second Life during August and September 2015. This is an installation by Djehuti-Anpu (Thoth Jantzen) for Round Nine of the LEA AiR program.

Music: Break the Lies (Tigerberry) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

2 thoughts on “Glitch and Overlay: Em Hotep”

    1. That was early days before I kind of realised what I was doing, and how important machinima making was going to become! I think back then I was a bit unsure and self-conscious about what I was doing so I didn’t tell too many people. That said, I’ve always appreciated the creative effort of people like yourself around which I generate more work.

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