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Video. In Second Life?

Getting video to stream into Second Life effectively has always been an elusive dream. However, a new experimental approach is being tried at Blue Orange. It will start this Saturday, February 1st at 2pm SL time. Hopefully, everything will go well.

I was invited to produce some work for it, and there is a long list of other artists too. With time constraints, travel, being away from my computer, it was something of a challenge. But I’m glad Ini talked me into committing to it when I couldn’t see how I could achieve it. Just take a day away from everything else!

  • Lusus™(Lusus Saule)
  • Chibbchichi
  • DaisyDaze Landar
  • Bryn Oh
  • Kimeu Korg
  • Miu miu miu
  • Penumbra Carter
  • Roos Gartner
  • Gitu Aura
  • Amanda(aht1981)
  • Jax(Joogle Jacks)
  • Livio Korobase
  • Serra Qendra
  • Talullah Winterwolf
  • Thea Maiman
  • Tizzy Canucci
  • Betty Ai Tureaud
  • Ini

You can’t see my video work until the day… but I’ll put up the poster as a teaser! My neighbours in the next door flats are probably well aware of the music I use, as I had to play it over so many times in eight hours…

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