Two Friends Chatting in Second Life, by Tizzy Canucci

Two Friends

Two Friends by Tizzy Canucci
Two Friends, a photo by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr.

A simple scene of quiet conversation.

Two friends on a bench in Second Life while their real life bodies sit half way around world from each other. Here their minds meet in conversation in a way that only can be achieved through re-embodiment in a virtual world, by sharing the same space, of seeing and hearing the same things, of being in the same location.

Life is an embodied experience, yet telephones and the written word disembody it, except for the common experience of using the same technology. While skyping and video retain real life embodiment, one sees the other set in their distant location, a constant reminder of the distance that lies between.

Yet after all this is said, communication requires imagination in the process of relating to others, in thinking of what matters to them and how they will understand what we say. People experience the world differently, and imagine it into being in their own ways.

Taken at Hazardous.

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