Virtual World in Printmaking Exhibitions

One of the things I have really spent a lot of time on – almost all of the end of 2019 and into 2020 – is spanning virtual worlds with the actual world through printmaking. Of light on screens to ink on paper, using traditional mechanical craft methods. As 2020 comes to a close, lots of delayed things seem to have all come together in one month. So here it is. Three printmaking exhibitions, and a Christmas special presentation in anticipation of one next year.

But it’s weird – to take the virtual and turn it into prints, and now they are back in the virtual again!!

Printmakers are wonderful imaginative people, open in their approach and working in so many different ways. So they are all worth a look round.

Made at Castle Mills: Members Show 2020.

Printmaking, on show and for sale. Online edition this year of forty artists who made work at Edinburgh Printmakers in recent years. Running from 21 November 2020 to 31 January 2021.

“The Members Show 2020 features a diverse range of works, from Tess Baxter’s hauntingly atmospheric This Moment Brief to DADA FROST’s strikingly abstract and untitled work in bubblegum pinks and neon citrus shades”.

Made at Castle Mills, Edinburgh Printmaking 2020 exhibition

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.

Printmaking, on show and for sale. Online edition this year, opened 12 November and running to 13 December 2020. One of the Collectors Picks, by Jeany Cronk.

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair - their 2020 printmaking exhibition

Seacourt International Mini Print Biennial 2020.

My work, ‘Whichever Path She Finds, features half way through the video.

Seacourt International Mini Print Biennial, their 2020 printmaking exhibition online

International Mini Print Exhibition 2020 at Seacourt Print Workshop from Seacourt Print Workshop on Vimeo.

Not the PrintFest exhibition

I like PrintFest’s idea as my concluding PhD work couldn’t have an exhibition. So instead of a white wall gallery, I built an exhibition in a black box. I then had to do a ‘digital version’ (rolls eyes and wants to cry), which became ‘This is not Isolated in a Box’, with some suitable art protest in there.

Printfest - printmaking exhibition in the Coro next year?

Original hand-made contemporary prints from our Artists, ready to purchase in time for Christmas. Each print was selected by the artists for a mailing that went to people on their list- so sign up for future mailings! Plans are going ahead for an exhibition in the Coronation Hall next year. This is a rare opportunity online for them!

Much of the work is going up on PrintFest’s Instagram, and it’s definitely worth having a look there. The links are to the printmakers’ websites, rather than an online exhibition like with the others.

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