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I have a couple of new exhibitions. I don’t do exhibitions very often. I’ve never been an ‘art’ photographer and I’m too in love with colour to shoot black and white. I’ve photographed the naked body in rl, but it doesn’t really interest me in sl.

In machinima I can work with these things to better effect – be as brash as I like and use colour and composition to tell a story, which may be a narrative, or a visual and auditory play through time.

However, I still enjoy photography, and as I’ve slowed my output to Flickr I’m tending to just put up what I like. The two new exhibitions feature work from the last six months.

The first exhibition is titled ‘The Long and the Thin’, which rather prosaically refers to the shape of the photographs. It is at KaFu Ato Gallery at Hafenviertel. Katy Amano was very persuasive when I was a little hesitant! They have done a really good job of displaying my images effectively in this small gallery.

The second is a temporary exhibition. Artists4SL have space at the SL13B celebrations on Spellbound.  I have a standing exhibition space of my own at the main Artists4SL gallery.  Both the exhibition and gallery are an opportunity both to see both my work and the work of many very good artists.

Finally – a reminder that I have an invited space in The Oxford Eclectic @rt Gallery at Cakehole on Sea along with several other interesting artists.

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