The Snowfields of Imaginaria

Cold, white, Imaginaria is a winter sim of snowfields and copses.

Field Below - Tizzy Canucci - Imaginaria
Field Below – Tizzy Canucci – Imaginaria contest entry

But Second Life for me is not just about the visual, it is also about music. I have Radio Paradise streaming in my sl home and I like to go places and hear the choices of individual DJs, but sometimes I’ll just put on my own music. Some cds just develop a connection with being in sl, and Begin to Hope by Regina Spektor is one of those.

Again the sun was never called
And darkness spreads over the snow
Like ancient bruises
I’m awake and feel the ache
But I wish I’d see a field below.

has been beautifully constructed as a winter sim. The entry point on the bridge leads into a copse which really captures the feel of snowy woodland.

Snow lies in the Copse
Snow lies in the Copse by Tizzy Canucci

There are more images on my Flickr site of Imaginaria, but I’m going to put up one more photo to finish this post. This captures the more ethereal, magical side of second life. Realism is not everything.

Stopping by Woods by Tizzy Canucci
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, the title borrowed from a poem by Robert Frost.

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