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Gamers and their Avatars

Gamers and their Avatars

I haven’t posted for a while as so much else has been crowding in. I’ve done a couple of photography sessions, but need to spend a bit of time working them through.

However, I came across this piece in a site I follow for my ‘real life’ photography. It’s two years old, so I’m not sure why it came up now. The pictures in the article show avs next to their creators, and it’s a taster for a book that I’d like to get hold of.

Creative acts reflect their makers; there is always parts of the maker embedded in whatever they make. Sometimes it’s reflections, sometimes it’s contrasts, often it’s just a part and people have several avs for different parts. But it’s never a complete disconnect. For me, an av is never a deception; it’s an imagination at work.

Book: Alter Ego: Avatars and their creators by Robbie Cooper

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