Zenshi in Second Life, photo by Tizzy Canucci

Zenshi: Water and Towers

I have a liking for this clean modernist approach. I could never aspire to such tidy cleanness, or indeed to anything so conspicuously expensive, in real life. Zenshi is part private residential (thanks to Zzoie Zee for allowing me access), part swish shops.

The rural is about desire and romance for many people, but as I gaze out of my rl window, I see fields and woods, sunshine and the remnants of snow, and hear a couple of tractors growling by. The urban is the different space for me; somewhere I have go away to. This kind of place might not rate high on the ‘places to go look at in SL’ scale, but it most certainly is a significant part of what SL is. It has its roots in real life, but within it has been created otherworldly spaces and shapes.

That said, there are some dreadful modern builds that give them a bad name. Grumble’s new store is set to midnight and the doorways aren’t obvious from the side… but the windows look just like doors. When I first visited, there were avs, like demented moths, battering themselves against the glass trying to get to the brightly lit goodies inside.

And no, it wasn’t just me.

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