'Thunder, Truck and Water', in Second Life, photo by Tizzy Canucci

Walker Evans, by Reference and Decay

A post about Walker Evans and the news that the H22O sim in Second Life is set to close.

A crossroads Post Office with a general store and a gas pump in Sprott, Alabama. Walker Evans, c1935.

“Evans… perceived as Atget had done, that we sense nothing in isolation, that we sense this for what it is only by reference to another thing which it is not”.

Derailed Sleepy Town
“Derailed Sleepy Town” at DERAILED, in Second Life

Joes Auto Graveyard, near Bethlehem, PA. Walker Evans, 1936
Joes Auto Graveyard, near Bethlehem, PA. Walker Evans, 1936


“Evans, an ironist through and through concludes that culture is provisional, maintained with difficulty in the face of time and the decay which time brings.”

Thunder, Truck and Water by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr
“Thunder, Truck and Water”, at H22O in Second life.
It has been announced that this area will be closing and will disappear on the 31st October.


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