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I had to agree to the new terms of service before logging in today, and at a more detailed than usual reading of terms of service, they look a lot better. I appreciate that Linden Lab need to be given rights as they are effectively republishing work. I felt that the previous terms were a combination of insensitivity and over-zealous lawyers, rather than a changed sentiment or a real change in attitude. After all it was not just Linden Lab – Instagram had just taken a hit on their revised Terms of Service as well. With creative content it’s about being seen to respect the work of others.

However, I’m going to continue with my pet gripe, which remains unchanged. The wording of the terms on joining the Second Life Official group on Flickr still says:

You agree to participate in the Company’s Photo of the Day program (the “Program”). As a participant of the Program, you hereby grant to the Company a perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, and cost-free right and license to use, distribute, or sublicense (through multiple levels), and otherwise exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your Submissions, for the purposes of marketing, promotion, and/or outreach for and about the Second Life virtual world.

This was always way over the top for Flickr, which exists outside of the Second Life world. Flickr have also a very good record in respecting and protecting creative content. It was always unreasonable to expect contributors to give away all rights for free, as explained in a previous post. These terms are now out of line with Second Life’s terms and conditions, and it’s a good time to nudge Linden Labs into taking a look at this again.

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