MOSP in Second Life, photo by Tizzy Canucci

Visiting MOSP

Visiting MOSP

Fluttering By

Taken at the LEA Machinima Open Studio Project (MOSP).

I’d tracked this down by landing up onĀ Chic Aeon’s blog. Despite having a list of places as long as my arm, I went off on a whim. The first impression on landing, as windlight adjusts to the sim settings, is a beautiful softness which gives it a very ‘painterly’ feel.

What I loved about the place was the atmosphere, the feel of it. Difficult to put into words, but there’s a soft, clear and spacious light combined with subdued colours (I’d never have thought that a grey sky could be so effective). Yet despite the softness, there is detail everywhere which is clear and sharp. If that sounds contradictory, it probably is – but go see for yourself!

It is set up for photography and machima, so there are areas which are kind of set pieces. The garden building above is one of those. However, the whole area has a coherent feel to it.

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