Roots and Scenes

I’ve visited a couple of new places this last weekend. One was a new build on a familiar theme, Cica Ghost’s Roots and the other the fourth installation of a series, Escenas-Scenes – IV The Death by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar. I blogged about Escenas – Scenes – III about a month ago.

Escenas VI. Photo by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr
Escenas VI. Photo by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr

Escenas – Scenes – IV is an impressively large scale work in the style of the previous scenes. Standing next to the figures, I only reach to ankle height. According to the notecard, Scenes was based in a contemporary theatrical point of view, using the symbolism of Tarot cards as a language rather than words. The sequence of the scenes was a riddle (even more so for me, as I missed the first). “Just one thing, remember, in all the scenes, she always was… alone…”, it adds. Presumably the tarots point towards her being an obsessive creative then.

Roots comprises houses in a landscape, in the familiar Cica style. “The people have gone… the village remains, and time and nature now live here …”, the land info says.

'High over Roots'. Photo by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr
‘High over Roots’. Photo by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr

The pretense is similar to her earlier work Little Town, where the emphasis is on free exploration, rather than Strings, which felt uncomfortably voyeuristic to me. In these places, as well as Rust and Ruins, Cica’s windlight settings have always been bright, and there have also been rolling areas of distinctively patterned land and brilliantly coloured flower fields. In Roots, the windlight is black and orange, the deep shadows emphasising the abrupt landform with deep gullies that leaves little space for flowers and patterned landforms. All in all, it’s an atmospheric and entertaining place to visit, and an interesting variation on her previous work. Music stream (cinemix):

'Cats and Ladders' Photo by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr
‘Cats and Ladders’ Photo by Tizzy Canucci on Flickr. I would have put up the shot with Cica Ghost chin-wagging with Bryn Oh. But my Flickr followers prefer kittens, so this is the one.


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