The Egg

Sketching The Egg

‘Sketching the Egg’ is an experiment in using still images within a video format, to escape the ‘white box’. It is a photographic exhibition that is distributed in time rather than in space; a sketching of ideas rather than a definitive statement.

Sketching The Egg from Tizzy Canucci on Vimeo. (Music: Chiefs Welcome (Robodub) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

The Egg by Livio Korobase is installed on LEA19. The eponymous egg is the most prominent item at the centre of a series of pieces that are similar in style but are not linked, being distinct and discrete.

The exhibition itself is fragmentary, so how to portray this? Video would be no more integrated than stills – snippets instead of moments – pans instead of compositions. There is no meaningful progression in the exhibit – so why not abandon narrative? I filmed the exhibit that had the screens and the falling blocks as it was most lively. However the still shot when a noob blundered into me was more interesting; the fleeting moment of run, bump and a glance down.

In this video I tried to escape white box art and the established idea of the individual artwork as the most important unit of account. These photos are in their own temporal gallery, presented by and through technology on its own terms. They remain digital. I’m looking for a space between photography (and not wanting to dwell on the single frame) and video (and the incessant desire for movement).

Avant-garde filmmaker Peter Greenaway was asked to be a judge of the films made for the University of Western Australia’s third machinima challenge in May 2011. He urged machinima makers to ‘dispense with frame, actor, text and camera by rejecting the conventional diegesis of cinema (which hides frame and flatness) and foregrounding image and impact’. Can you reject all this, and what is left if you do? Does it really escape from the established order, or does it, as Foucault argued, remain within the circulation of power; to try and escape merely extends the inside outward? Am I just abandoning narrative for aesthetics? Is this just a slide-show, a modern day Kodak Carousel?

Her I make another experiment in image-making and portrayal; a sketching of ideas in a place, not a definitive statement.

There is an album of four still images of The Egg on Flickr.

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